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In this world in which we live we can find several paradises and today we are going to show you some of them: 
The Islands Antilles formed by other groups very small of islands that are: The Greater Antilles, The Small Antilles and the Bahamas. They are in the Caribbean Sea, and begin in the south of Florida (USA) and end near the Venezuelan coast.
The zone more famous surely is the Bahamas, and it is formed for: 20 islands with population, 600 without and 2000 crags and reefs.
Guadalupe, a French island of approximately 500,000 people that we find in the Caribbean, is a perfect island to enjoy marvellous holidays of Sun and surrounded with nature and with natural beaches, with crystalline waters, and with numerous possibilities of practising sports.
Guadalupe is an archipelago of The Antilles, a part of the called territories of French overseas, and is to the south-east of the Dominican Republic.
San Bartolome nowadays is a place of elopement in winter of travellers proceeding from France, from the rest of Europe and North America. The lovers of the beaches can choose between places like Grand Saline, if they wish to sunbathe without clothes, or places more shadings and isolated, as Colombier's beach. 
Martinique situated in this Gallic enclave of the Caribbean breathes a French air attractively tinted by the warmth of the Antilles. The culture and the gastronomy places combine both influences. The island is dominated by the Mount Pelee, which destroyed the city St. Pierre in 1902. The beaches of black sand and the tropical jungles are in the north, whereas the most beautiful beaches of sand belong to southern part. Some of the obligatory visits are The Pagerie, place of birth of Josefina, wife of Napoleon, and the Rock of the Diamond, a top of approximately 183 meters, which enjoyed time behind of the category of warship.
In all of them you can rent a monohull, sailing vessel, motor yacht or catamaran. The catamaran is the jewel of the Caribbean seas, the low draft of these boats makes it possible to anchor near the most beautiful beaches.
The climate of the Caribbean region is relatively varied. On the Atlantic coast the average temperature ranges between the 24 and 28 ºC. The relative dampness is 81.4 % and presents a gradient of dampness with the Guajira as the place of the lowest averages and increases towards the south - west.
To eat in the Caribbean is synonymous of enjoying exquisite dishes of a cuisine that fuses the autochthonous, local and indigenous cuisine with the European, Anglo-Saxon and the oriental, result of permanent colonial powers with his own resources, as the vegetables, fish and fresh shellfish, which gives an impressive variety that you can see in a great number of restaurants.
There are spicy, fruits, fresh fished and the fresh vegetables. The fruits all tropical like: bananas mango, yuccas…