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Canarias is an archipelago of the Atlantic Ocean formed by seven major islands: El Hierro, La Gomera, La Palma and Tenerife, which they form the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife; and Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, which form the province of Las Palmas.
In a destination specializing in Sun and Beach like Canarias allows you enjoy the sea during all the year. Canarias presumes to be able to offer her visitors warm water with soft temperatures along all the year. To bath in winter and to practise nautical sports in any month are strong points of the Archipelago.
Among her islands to stand out: Tenerife, which offers the best conditions for the practice of sail, thanks her refreshing trade winds blow regularly and the wind channels among islands put to your disposition ideal zones of acceleration.
Also the waters around Gran Canarias are an authentic paradise for the lovers of the sail. 
In conclusion Las Islas Canarias are an immense natural world, of wild life, of submarine life, with caves, reefs, vertical falls, with a visibility that normally is very good … EVERYTHING for enjoy the sea and it gives you.
Her climate is subtropical, though modified by the height and the north or south slope. This climatic variability gives a great biological diversity that, close to the landscape and geological, justifies the existence in Canaries of four national parks and that several islands are reserves of the biosphere of the UNESCO.
The most typical dishes are: wrinkles potatoes with picon; the compound Garbanzas, sweet Pudding, stew (as the stew but with pear, gourd, carrot, sweet-potato, potato, and cauliflower), fried Sama with mojo, rabbit in salmorejo, sancocho (cherne with potatoes), the fish’s soup or Casserole of fish.
As desserts: fruits, which have a lot of importance, the roast Milk, the Bienmesabe, the Eggs masses, the rapadura, the quesadillas, the marzipans. Too many of them add honey of Palm, which is done in La Gomera.
The wines and liquors: her rums are of great quality, especially the Rum with honey; former the Malmsey wine, but at present the liquor of banana is more known; the white wines and red wines D.O. Gran Canarias or of the Monte Lentiscal.
The trade always has been very important in the Canary Isles. For her geographical situation, it has been always a market that it could have supplied in both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, for what they could have found products that in the Iberian Peninsula did not exist and to good prices.
In the Islands products can be bought very changed like: crafts (ceramics, basket-making, tablecloths, cheeses, honey, jams, wines, liquors...), all kinds of electronic machine, clothes, shoes... Every island has her specialities 
Theses are the ship with destiny to Canarias

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