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The coast and the Croatian islands are one of the best destinations of the Mediterranean for the fans of the navigation: 1185 islands splash a coast of great tradition in this type of tourism. The landscape diversity, localities, gastronomy and nice people are other inducements in order to decide spending your vacations sailing in the coasts of Croatia in one of our sailboats, catamarans, yachts …the best option according to your needs.
You will be able to rent a sailboat, catamaran, special or engine yacht in Croatia from Split, Trogir or Dubrovnik, populations with international airport, which makes the embarkation just a single quick step. Split's center is occupied by Diocleciano's former palace, a monumental Roman work of art that no visitor should miss.
A few miles away from the city you can find magnificent places between pines, where having a calm swim. 
Sailing in Croatia towards the north or the south you find an infinity of big islands with wide channels of navigation, where it is possible to sail always to lee. Every island has her capital of elegant stone houses with red roofs and ogival arches in the windows like Korcûla, or quiet fishermen villages where to enjoy the sunset as Komitza in Vis's island.
The coastal band has dry and sunny summers, and soft and rainy winters. On the coast rarely the temperature goes down below 10ºC in winter, and in summer it is not usual to overcome 26ºC.
In Croatia the ties are very typical. Also stands out the lace that is done in the Dalmatian islands, like in Pag. Another crafts type leather, jeweler's shop, ceramics, heights in wood, crystal, or porcelain. 
The local currency is the kuna that can be changed without problems. The Euro also is accepted in many places. 
There are no limits to the quantity of currencies that can get in the country, not also formally in the quantity that can be extracted of the same one. 
The Croatian cuisine in her coastal part is very Mediterranean. The olive oil is always in the plates like the wine in the table. On the coast it is possible to find a great variety of fishes or seafood, typical are: the scampi, prstaci, seafood and the dalmatian brodet (several fishes cooked with rice).
From the drinks they can distinguish unmatured whiskies, pelinkovac or the liquor of cherries called maraschino. 
We invite you to sail along Croatia to be able to share with you the flavour, the sensation, the colours, the smell, the passion, the beauty, the navigation on board of one of our ships and know THE MEDITERRANEAN AS IT WAS.
We have a great variety of boats: monohulls, catamarans, yachts, specials … you tell us what you need and we make the rest.