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The Andalusia coasts, from the Coast of Almeria to the Coast of La Luz, offers a beautiful landscape with a hot climate and all the services necessary for an peaceful stay beside the sea. We offer you the opportunity to enjoy the Mediterranean and Atlantic coast, because we are between two seas and two continents. We organize trips to groups or members of the same company, weddings, events, birthdays, company incentives, congresses and conventions …
The modern harvours of Andalusia, and their strategic location along 836 kilometres of the Atlantic and Mediterranean coast, constitute the best alternative for people who feel passion for the sea.
In all the routes and possible places of visiting, we will find beautiful small beaches whose access is impossible by land, here is the great advantage of renting a ship, like as monohull, catamaran, yacht, specials …
Along history, Andalusia always has looked at the sea. From the ports departed great discoverers and arrived the big civilizations of the past. Now Andalusia continues her vocation for the sea.
It is one of the hottest regions in Europe. It has dry and warm summers and winters of soft temperatures, with a few irregular rainfalls. Its typical feature is the luminosity, as a result of the great number of hours of sun shine, which marks the happy and hospitable character of the Andalusians.
The Andalusian gastronomy has deep fingerprints of Al-Andalus's Arabic cuisine. The cuisine of Andalusia can divide in two big groups according to its content: cuisine of the sea and cuisine of the interior. Definitively a great variety which your tastes will enjoy.