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Menorca is one of few places where it is still possible to enjoy, relax,  and discover the static and crystalline light, the atmosphere, the clarity, the radiant luminosity contrasts of the white houses and the reddish lands. Menorca is also the sea: recondite coves, wide sandbanks, abrupt cliffs. The coasts are changeable normally with blue skies in an environment of great freshness and clean atmosphere. Many of the beaches of Menorca are still today in semi wild condition. The waters of Minorca are a magnificent place to sail. The coast of Menorca is also interesting for the amount of aquatic birds that live in the large salt-water lagoons and that live permanently in the cliffs.

CLIMATE:  Typical of a Mediterranean island, slightly modified by local circumstances. The average temperature ranges between 10C and 11C from January to March, 13C in April, 16C in May, 20,5 C in June, 24C in July and August, 22C in September, 17C in October and between 14C and 13C in November and December.

CRAFTS: Almost disappeared, prominent works are the sandals of leather and sole of rubber.
Must be emphasized the work of the leather and the jewellery.

GASTRONOMY: There are made also excellent sausages especially the sobrasada, the camot and the carn-i-xua. Mao's cheeses have good reputation among the lovers of good food. Most of the fished found in Menorca are rock fishes, tasty but complicated to eat. Easier to eat , and very good, is its seafood.
Also the rices, the salads are frequent, and of course the lobsters cauldron. 
Menorca produces differents and delicious sweets.