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The good weather and wide littoral of Valencia has turned the coast of Valencia into the ideal scenary for the practice of nautical sports as sailing, the windsurfing, the waterskiing.

VALENCIA 2007 The designation of Valencia like headquarters of 32th Americas Cup, final being celebrated in 2007, is making the city a meeting point for the sailing sport. With this pourpose there were prepared new urban infrastructures that are complementing the current offer of services of the city, specially in the port and the zone of influence of this great event of world interest.

WEATHER Valencias weather is one of best of Europe. Characterized by a soft, typically Mediterranean climate, with an annual everage temperature superior to 17 C. The summers are hot, and the winters very moderate. During the winter months the temperature is usually not going under 5 C. The rainfalls are discreet and minimum, with two maximums, one in autumn and other one at the end of winter and spring beginning.

GASTRONOMY The Valencian gastronomy has changed, naturally and traditionally. The fruits and vegetables, the fishes and fresh seafood, are the principal ingredients of this exquisite Mediterranean kitchen. The protagonist in the majority of plates is the rice in varied forms of preparation, emphasizing the Paella as the star dish known internationally. Other traditional dishes are the rice to the oven, rice Abanda (with fish), black rice (with squids with their ink, the fideua (that replaces the rice with noodles) or the all i pebre (garlic and pepper). All these plates go toguether with the white wines of the High Turia and the Mountainous country, or the red wines of Requena, Utiel and Liria's Field. All of them excellent wines with their own Denomination of Origin brands.

SHOPPING Valencia has a great tradition of hand made products like the Ceramics. . If you want to do singular buys, come to the street  markets, where you can find more articles, from clothes up to jewelry. These markets installed in the road opens only in the mornings, they are alternated during the week by different neighborhoods. 
The traveller can visit the Plaza Redonda on Sunday morning, which populist environment will place you in the Valencia of the XIXth century, with  street markets of paintings, books, plants, animals, Morocco leatherwork and music. On the other hand, the same day, the lovers of the philately and numismatics join in the Silk "Lonja" for an interchange.