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Get into the sea and the Sun of the islands. In Ibiza you can choose between more than 56 different beaches. In Formentera you can find beaches of thin white sand, crystalline waters and impressive views of Ibiza. Also you can discover the paradisiac environment of Ibiza and Formentera on board of one of our ships.

WEATHER: Ibiza special situation in the Mediterranean sea, and the nearness of the coasts of Africa, benefits Ibiza with a continental generally hot climate, dry summers with temperatures of aprox. 25-30 degrees (the temperature of the water ranges between 25 and 27 degrees), humid winters with few scattered rains, with an average temperature of 15-20 degrees and generous sunny days, which allows to enjoy your stay in the island the whole year.


GASTRONOMY: Fish dishes, like the " Bullit of peix " or the salads "crostes" with dry fish, "sobrasada" and "botifarro". The jewels of sweet: the "flao" (quiche and mint), "the greixonera " (kind of caramel or delicious pudding) and " the orelletes " with flavour to lemon and sugar.

SHOPPING: In Ibiza city, most of the shops of clothes and complements (big marks, thousand different styles) are centre in the zone of the Port and "Vara del Rey". The shops are opened until high hours in the night, for high season. Other alternative are the weekly street markets. Also there is advisable the small daily street market in the port of Ibiza, just in high season opened till late in the evening.

Theses are the ship with destiny to Ibiza

Sailing boats rent - KETCH OFFSHORE 38
Motor yacht rent - ASTONDOA AS 46
Tall ships/group boats - TURQUISH GOULET
Tall ships/group boats - HISTORICAL GOULET
Tall ships/group boats - KECHT CUSTOM PIRATA
Tall ships/group boats - CLASSIC GOULET
Sailing boats rent - OCEANIS 311
Sailing boats rent - OCEANIS 393
Sailing boats rent - B.OCEANIS 323
Catamaran rent - VENECIA 42
Catamaran rent - LAGOON 410
Catamaran rent - LAGOON 380
Catamaran rent - LAGOON 440
Catamaran rent - ATHENA 38
Sailing boats rent - OCEANIS 40
Motor yacht rent - JEANNEAU PRESTIGE 36
Motor yacht rent - SUNSEEKER CAMARGUE 44
Motor yacht rent - SUNSEEKER APACHE 45
Motor yacht rent - MONTERREY 263 ES
Motor yacht rent - PRINCESS V50
Motor yacht rent - FAIRLINE PHANTOM 42
Motor yacht rent - SUNSEEKER HAWK 27
Motor yacht rent - RIO 750 DAY CRUISER
Motor yacht rent - ASTROMAR 707
Motor yacht rent - JEANNEAU PRESTIGE 32
Motor yacht rent - SACS ORGASMO 34
Motor yacht rent - SUNSEEKER HAWK 27
Motor yacht rent - RIO 850 DAY
Motor yacht rent - SEA RAY 290
Tall ships/group boats - GOULET 30M
Catamaran rent - BAHIA 46
Catamaran rent - LAGOON 380 S2
Tall ships/group boats - CLASSIC VESSEL
Tall ships/group boats - CATAMARAN FOR GROUPS
Tall ships/group boats - GOULET 26,50 M
Sailing boats rent - J. SUN ODYSSEY 39i
Sailing boats rent - J. SUN ODYSSEY 36i
Sailing boats rent - J. SUN ODYSSEY 32i
Sailing boats rent - BAVARIA 39
Sailing boats rent - BAVARIA 44
Motor yacht rent - PRIMATIST G41
Motor yacht rent - SUNS.TOM.37
Motor yacht rent - TECNOMAR VELVET 90
Motor yacht rent - TECNOMAR MADRAS 26
Motor yacht rent - MANGUSTA 80
Motor yacht rent - CHEROKEE 61